Sunday, July 26, 2009

Unnoticeable Now!

Well, it looks like Evony is at it again. Maybe Angry Helmet Man simply wasn't pulling in the page hits, so they've gone back to their previous advertising scheme.

It's apparently "unnoticeable now" as well as "free forever". I'm not sure exactly sure what they mean by "unnoticeable", as I certainly noticed something about the model they used for the ad.

Clicking on the ad brings you to the new sign-up screen, which clarifies what they mean by "unnoticeable" (although they appear to have a very low opinion of your IT department), as well as giving you a larger picture of unrelated-to-the-game-woman.

Evony is apparently bad news, suspected by some of being an email harvesting trojan supported by an army of spam-bots, so I wouldn't recommend going anywhere near it. I'm sure most of you wouldn't have anyway, but I thought it prudent to warn people nevertheless.

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