Monday, July 13, 2009

New Mechwarrior Game Coming

It was announced last week that Smith and Tinker, who have acquired the videogame rights to most of FASA's IPs after Microsoft cruelly denuded them, are planning a new Mechwarrior game, aimed at rebooting the series. Developer Pirahna Games hardly has the best track record (fishing and hunting games, the tie-in to the second Transformers movie and PSP ports of Need for Speed and Call of Duty), and they have yet to find a publisher, but I'm still excited by the news.

Eurogamer now have a trailer up here. It's all pre-rendered, and even then most of it seems to involve mechs standing in front of each other firing until the other one falls over, but seeing a Warhammer, Jenner and Atlas smash each other into chunks of metal still makes me geek out a little.


  1. Will be interesting to see how this game actually turns out. That video, despite been mech's standing and shooting at each other, look awesome. Hope they manage to pull it off.

  2. If they can get a cockpit view working in a similar way to how it did in the trailer, I think I won't even care if the sum-total of your tactical options is to lumber behind a building to let your weapons cool off before returning to trading blows.

  3. Yeh :). On a side note did you see that Mechwarrior 4 is been released for free sometime in the near future.

  4. Apparently, the claim is that the trailer is in "game engine", but I think it is far more likely that it was pre-rendered with "game assets".

    I did read that they would be releasing Mechwarrior 4 for free on, but I'm not really sure how well the 9 year old game will stand up now.